Newline RS Touchscreen Information and FAQ


SIZE: Range of sizes - 65" 75" 86" and 98"
WEIGHT: In relation to sizes - 44kgs 56kgs 73kgs and 133kgs
RESOLUTION: 3840 x 2160 pixels
VIEWABLE ANGLE: 270 degrees

  • Toughened anti glare glass
  • Infrared touch
  • Up to 20 points of touch recognition at one time

Object Recognition: (differentiate between pen, marker and eraser without using any buttons) - this is H-U-G-E for usability and savings on the costs of Proprietary pens that our oppositions devices require to operate
PORTS: USB2, USB3, HDMI, Ethernet RJ45, SPDIF Optical Digital Audio and VGA
APPS: Runs both Android and Microsoft applications
WIFI: wireless file transfers and broadcast from any device
Support: Australian based call centre - Comtouch via a “remote classroom” – Skype support

Why choose a Newline RS Touchscreen over an Interactive Projector?

  • Brighter screen for more detailed visibility
  • 4k High resolution 3840 x 2160 px panel (Standard projector is 1200 x 800px)
  • Portable with the newline stand only
  • 2 x Built in speakers
  • Lots of inputs, easy add touch control of laptop
  • Audio out and HDMI out
  • USB ports for easy file transfers
  • Lower running costs 60,000 hours versus 3,000
  • No re-calibration required – Super quick setup


On site warranty - Does that mean you will visit our school however remote? 
  • YES, In the unlikely event of a warranty claim and after diagnosing the issue we will send a tech on site if required or in remote locations arrange for a replacement screen to be sent and the current screen collected.

If the in-built computer breaks down, can we by pass this with our own computer? 

  • YES, The screen uses an Android based operating system but also connects to your schools computers/teachers laptops via HDMI and USB, Ethernet and wirelessly.
    The Touchscreen has a built in computer, but the device can operate as a white board, can be broadcast to and access the internet without it.

Is the screen and stand or wall bracket easy to assemble?

  • YES, The stand and screen are very easy to put together and we have phone and remote support should you require. We would advise 2 people to assemble it safely.

If the computer breaks down does that mean we have to send the whole thing back to the south east? 

  • DEPENDS. The on-site warranty would cover the freight in the unlikely circumstance of it ceasing to function completely.

Can I annotate any screen?

  • YES, at any time you can turn the screen into a whiteboard and write notes over the current image on screen. Then with a single tap you can revert the screen back to the original browser, broadcast or background.


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