Weighted Lap Pad

A weighted lap pad or bag can be used in many settings, from the comfort of your own home to inside the classroom. They are proven to help individuals who struggle with regulating their sensory input and, as such, provide valuable support for learners of all ages. read more...

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Weighted Lap Pad

Weighted Wipe Clean Lap Pad
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Weighted wipe clean lap pad
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Sensory Resources at Elizabeth Richards

At Elizabeth Richards, you can find various expertly designed sensory resources, such as our weighted shoulder wrap or lap bag. We have over 35 years’ experience supplying schools across Australia with high quality resources that will help you create inclusive, vibrant learning environments and experiences. 

Including a range of sensory toys and resources in the classroom can support children reduce anxiety, retain focus, and improve concentration. 

Benefits of Weighted Lap Pads

A weighted lap pad is a key sensory tool designed to support children who experience sensory sensitivity. The slight pressure felt when using a Lap Pad helps children feel calmer and more at ease, a weighted lap pad or bag can help eliminate feelings of restlessness or becoming overwhelmed. Sensory toys and resources such as Weighted Lap Pads are ideal for children who find it challenging to sit still and maintain focus or experience heightened anxiety in the classroom. Their design aids self-regulation by providing increased proprioceptive input to calm and centre children throughout the school day. 

Elizabeth Richards sensory toys and resources are suitable for neurodivergent children of all different abilities and ages who need support with focus and self-regulation. Our versatile, wipe-clean lap pads help children and adults with ADHD, sensory processing disorder, or autism as they navigate learning experiences, such as circle time, tests, or other quiet classroom activities. 

Explore Our Range of Weighted Lap Pads

We believe educators and parents should have access to the best resources so that every child can experience the best care and education. That is why our products, ranging from weighted stuffed animals  to weighted blankets, are perfect for home and school use. 

If you would like to learn more about our range of inclusive sensory toys and resources, browse our range online or contact our friendly team at Elizabeth Richards today.

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