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The Elizabeth Richards 2024 Teacher Planner is one of our most popular and anticipated resources! Created in collaboration with teachers, especially for Australian schools – the Elizabeth Richards 2024 Teacher Planner will be your organisational must-have teacher diary for year planning, week-at-a-glance planning, class lists, term plans, and more. read more...

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Teacher Planners and Diaries

Elizabeth Richards Teacher Planner 2024
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Elizabeth richards teacher planner 2024
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At Elizabeth Richards, we understand how important organisation is for teachers and educators. That’s why, in close collaboration with Australian teachers, we’ve developed a range of planners, diaries, lesson and record books to help you stay on top of your busy schedule and focus on what you do best - teach.

A good teacher is many things, and being well-versed on a subject doesn’t even begin to cover it.
Apart from having well-developed interpersonal, listening and communication skills, teachers should possess stellar organisational skills because teaching isn’t a typical 9 to 5 job. There’s a lot going on before and after the school bell rings. Piles of paperwork, myriad of tasks, tight deadlines, busy schedules - without a strong set of organisational skills, teaching would be stressful and unproductive, to say the least.

And as they say, actions speak louder than words, so apart from making your job and life easier and less stressful, staying organised also sets a good example for your students. Even if you’re not aware of it, students watch and copy your behaviour, so it’s important to lead by example and be seen to follow the rules. For instance, if the teacher often forgets to bring the required resources to the classroom, they may often hear about homework-hungry pets or broken computers.

So how can a busy teacher stay organised? With a carefully designed teacher diary that keeps all those notes, tasks, plans, events and contacts in one place. Have you ever written something down only to forget where you’ve put that note? It can happen to everyone. But when you have clearly labelled dedicated pages for all the notes and plans you make, you can find what you need at the moment without rummaging around your desk, bag or cabinet, wasting precious time.

Our teacher diaries come with 95 pages in total, divided into sections to keep things neat and tidy. We know you make a lot of notes, so we’ve also included a laminated back page that you can use to write things down and wipe them off. Inside, you’ll also find two internal pockets, perfect for keeping additional memos or resources. If 95 pages aren’t enough to contain all your notes, you can use our clever snap-ins to add more pages.

Staying organised takes a lot of planning and preparation. That's why we also offer teacher-created lesson plan and record books to help you navigate through the school year with ease. Why is this important? Because it helps you set a productive environment and utilise your time and resources, making the teaching process more efficient and effective.

Teacher diaries and planners are essential tools in the classroom, but they also make thoughtful gifts for hardworking teachers. Elizabeth Richards diaries come in bright and inspiring designs, bound to make any teacher smile. What’s more, they include customisable covers that allow you to insert any A4 cover you like to add a nice personal touch.

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