Elizabeth Richards Whiteboards and Magnetic Whiteboards are a must-have in every classroom. Our range is practical, environmentally friendly, portable, and features the highest quality, wipe-clean porcelain surfaces – perfect for today's flexible classrooms. read more...

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Double-Sided A4 Magnetic Whiteboard
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Double-sided a4 magnetic whiteboard
$8.03 $7.30 Ex. GST

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Literacy centre
$769.95 $699.95 Ex. GST
Big Book Whiteboard Easel
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Available soon Big book whiteboard easel
$483.95 $439.95 Ex. GST

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Big book teaching centre
$989.95 $899.95 Ex. GST

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Wall mounted porcelain whiteboards
From $65.56 $199.95 $59.60 Ex. GST
Mobile glass whiteboard
$285.95 $259.95 Ex. GST

Ultra-smooth, ultra-easy to erase

Elizabeth Richards magnetic whiteboards have an ultra-smooth porcelain dry-erase surface. Their magnetic surface offers no barrier to ease of use with good quality dry-erase pens and erasers. At Elizabeth Richards, we pride ourselves on supplying teachers and schools with the best quality whiteboard surfaces that will suit every classroom need, from writing directly on the board to using magnetic whiteboard accessories such as magnetic letters, hooks, borders, or magnetic stationery bins.

Our range of mobile whiteboards has a lifetime warranty

When you choose an Elizabeth Richards mobile whiteboard you receive a high-quality product with a double-sided ceramic steel surface with a lifetime warranty. They all have an ultra-smooth writing surface that also provides perfect erasing. Their strong powder-coated steel construction means Elizabeth Richard's made-to-order portable magnetic Whiteboards will last many years in a tough school environment.

Lockable Castors and Powder-Coated Steel frames

Elizabeth Richards mobile whiteboards all have lockable, heavy-duty castors. With dual magnetic write-on wipe-off surfaces, these versatile, multipurpose powder-coated steel framed easels are perfect for the 21st-century classroom. Most importantly, our sturdy easels roll along on lockable castors - for seamless mobility around your school or classroom.

Magnetic whiteboard easels for storage and classroom teaching in one!

The Elizabeth Richards Big Book Teaching Centre and innovative Big Book Whiteboard Easel are two of the most versatile mobile magnetic whiteboards available for schools and classrooms. Our Big Book Teaching Centre is an easel, a chart stand, and a storage unit in one. Each includes a wide safe ledge to support books and other lesson materials, with two lockable drawers. There is also a handy storage shelf at the base large enough for an Elizabeth Richards Book Tub! There is a handy rail on the back for hanging pocket charts or plastic hang-up book bags.

Magnetic Whiteboards for all subject areas

Elizabeth Richards specialise in high-quality Music whiteboards. We can supply you with either wall mounted or portable music whiteboards, each has a complete set of 5 sets of staves. Lines are baked enamel on the highest quality porcelain - they will not fade or crack. Elizabeth Richards porcelain surface magnetic whiteboards all carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY (under normal usage and conditions).

Elizabeth Richards also offers a made-to-order portable, pivoting music whiteboard. These boards can be used anywhere in the classroom or can be shared between classrooms or the school hall for performances. They have high-quality heavy-duty castors. One side of these portable magnetic whiteboards has a set of staves the other is blank. They are the ultimate portable music instruction resource!

Mini Whiteboards for hands-on learning

Elizabeth Richards double-sided magnetic mini-whiteboards are the most practical whiteboard in our range! They are small enough for pairs to collaborate on projects, or for front-of-class teacher instruction. They are made of the highest quality whiteboard surface - simply write on and wipe off without a trace!

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