Sensory Resources and Toys

Elizabeth Richards aims to offer a diverse and inclusive range of sensory products for all children, especially those with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. We have sensory toys for children who fidget and wriggle, sensory therapy toys for children who benefit from sensory input, and sensory items for those who find tactile stimulation calming. Elizabeth Richards ensures all our sensory equipment is safety-tested to the highest Australian standards. read more...

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Sensory Resources and Toys

Bubble Tube Column Water Feature 120cm High V2
Available soon
Available soon Bubble tube column water feature 120cm high v2
$450.00 $409.09 Ex. GST
Bubble tube column water feature 150cm high v2
$533.50 $485.00 Ex. GST
Bubble Tube Column Water Feature 180cm High V2
Available soon
Available soon Bubble tube column water feature 180cm high v2
$643.50 $585.00 Ex. GST
Sensory cotton sand - 5kg
$38.41 $34.92 Ex. GST
Sensory cotton sand - 2kg
$28.55 $25.95 Ex. GST
Sensory magic sand - natural
From $14.85 $13.50 Ex. GST
Sensory cotton sand - 700g
$10.07 $9.15 Ex. GST
Rainbow sand 1.3kg
From $6.55 $15.25 $5.95 Ex. GST
Threading laces - pack of 12
$9.87 $8.97 Ex. GST
Clear junior rainbow pebbles - set of 36pc
$36.25 $32.95 Ex. GST
Junior rainbow pebbles - earth colours - 36pc
$39.59 $35.99 Ex. GST
Safety mirror blocks
$87.95 $79.95 Ex. GST
Jellyfish lamp
$110.00 $100.00 Ex. GST
Saddle wall bracket for bubble tube – 15cm diameter
$55.00 $50.00 Ex. GST
Sensory tent - large
$240.46 $218.60 Ex. GST
Hand exercise putty
$17.05 $15.50 Ex. GST
Hand therapy eggs
$12.32 $11.20 Ex. GST
Glow In The Dark Tape - Green
Available soon
Best Seller
Available soon Glow in the dark tape - green
$5.94 $5.40 Ex. GST
Tactile therapy ring - 4 pack
$23.54 $21.40 Ex. GST
Weighted Blanket + Cover - Small
Available soon
Available soon Weighted blanket + cover - small
$118.47 $107.70 Ex. GST
Sensory compression sheet
$79.97 $72.70 Ex. GST
Fidget Hand Roller
Available soon
Available soon Fidget hand roller
$32.56 $29.60 Ex. GST
Fidget Controller
Available soon
Best Seller
Available soon Fidget controller
$12.21 $11.10 Ex. GST
Tactile DNA Ball
Available soon
Best Seller
Available soon Tactile dna ball
$8.58 $7.80 Ex. GST

Embracing the diversity of every child in your classroom, our range of sensory tools caters to learners with a range of special needs like autism, SPD, ADD and ADHD.

At Elizabeth Richards, you can shop sensory toys and resources, knowing all our products are designed and manufactured with the highest safety and quality standards. Trusted by parents and schools for more than 35 years, Elizabeth Richards is proudly Australian-owned, ISO 9001 certified and a preferred supplier with the NSW and QLD Departments of Education.

In the flexible, inclusive classroom, sensory resources can support children during stressful and emotionally challenging situations. They can help students relax and overcome fears, help manage behavioral challenges, academic achievement and the advancement of cognitive, motor and social skills.

Our range of equipment covers everything from sensory toys for children who need help with fidgeting and wriggling to sensory therapy tools for children needing assistance with sensory integration. We can help you understand how these products work and the benefits they provide to ensure you make an informed choice.

Weighted resources and toys can be used to provide DPT (deep pressure therapy) for children struggling with anxiety or restlessness associated with ADHD, autism and sensory integration disorder. When applied correctly, deep pressure techniques have a soothing and relaxing effect on the nervous system. At Elizabeth Richards, you’ll find several easily portable DPT tools including weighted blankets, shoulder wraps, lap pads, steamrollers and plush animals, all designed to provide a sense of calm and self-regulation.

Another great way to incorporate relaxing deep pressure in the classroom is with our Foot Massage Rollers. When placed under the desk, they can be a useful aid to expel excess energy while remaining seated. By providing calming tactile stimulation, they help children focus and be more productive.

For children who crave calming sensory input, we have a range of phthalate and BPA free tactile toys including therapy brushes, balls and rings. These products are tactile and stimulating, designed to promote sensory awareness.

As you may already know book boxes are an Elizabeth Richards specialty, but we have another type of box. Meet the Feely Box ideal for tactile stimulation and sensory play.

Classrooms should always embrace diversity and be inclusive for all children. Not a teacher? Our resources are well-suited for both home and school use. Please browse and shop our extensive selection of sensory equipment online and create an inclusive learning environment for your child or students.

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