Liquid Motion Toys

Liquid motion toys have found their place in classrooms due to their unique calming and soothing attributes. The slow, rhythmic liquid motion has been proven to support children with autism or sensory sensitivity and help maintain focus in the classroom. read more...

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Liquid Motion Toys

Sensory projection lamp
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Sensory liquid floor tiles - set of 6
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Ideal as stress relief or therapy toys, the range at Elizabeth Richards is the perfect addition to any inclusive learning environment. 

Liquid Motion Toys & Sensory Resources at Elizabeth Richards

At Elizabeth Richards, we have over 35 years of experience providing families and educators with quality sensory toys and resources to help develop inclusive, engaging learning environments suitable for every child. 

Our exceptional products are available across Australia, and as such, we enjoy a high degree of trust and confidence from our customers, including the NSW and QLD Education Departments. 

Advantages of Sensory Liquid Motion Toys

Liquid motion toys help to alleviate stress and anxiety for little learners. Observing the coloured oil, water, and bubbles as they move works to calm both the body and mind. Therefore, our selection is integral to our collection of sensory products, offering a peaceful, engaging resource that promotes self-regulation. 

Providing children with sensory products allows them to experience periods of quiet engagement, where they can focus and develop their concentration. There are many other areas of the school curriculum that benefit from providing children with liquid motion toys, including: 

  • Inspiring curiosity, an early interest in simple scientific principles, and a better understanding of how things work.

  • Expanding descriptive language and engaging children in relaxing conversation, supporting them as they become confident communicators.

  • Building fine motor skills and control by handling and manipulating toys of various shapes and sizes to observe changes.

Browse Our Range of Liquid Motion Toys in Australia

Each of our colourful liquid motion toys at Elizabeth Richards will captivate and fascinate little learners. Our history of providing quality sensory resources to schools and homes across Australia guarantees that each product is expertly designed to engage children of all ages. 

Learn more today by browsing our selection online, or get in touch with our friendly Elizabeth Richards team at to discover how you can incorporate our sensory products into your learning environments.

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