Art & Craft Supplies

Get creative with our wide range of affordable arts and crafts supplies. Elizabeth Richards can supply you with everything from markers to coloured pencils, gluesticks to Magiclay and eco-friendly glitter. We also stock craft materials such as pom poms, popsticks, craft sticks and clay-modeling tools. Elizabeth Richards can help teachers stock up on their classroom supplies or help with whole-school purchases making it easy for children to have all the arts and crafts materials they need to create unique and inspiring works of art. read more...

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Art & Craft Supplies

Rainbow stripping roll
$7.15 $6.50 Ex. GST
Art dryer
$474.60 $431.45 Ex. GST

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Colour apps asst 6's
$24.59 $22.35 Ex. GST
Paper magiclay 240g candy colours 12's
$23.60 $21.45 Ex. GST
Bright slicks by zart 6's
$9.24 $8.40 Ex. GST
Themed paper accents
From $10.23 $9.30 Ex. GST
Picture frame blanks
$33.83 $30.75 Ex. GST
Zart glue stick 35g
$3.08 $2.80 Ex. GST
Claydough assorted
$22.00 $20.00 Ex. GST
Solar system kit
$7.87 $7.15 Ex. GST
Noris® fibre-tip pens with 2 tips - wallet of 12 assorted colours
$6.16 $5.60 Ex. GST
Paper magiclay earth colours
$23.65 $21.50 Ex. GST
Primecolours watercolours pearlescent 12's
$18.43 $16.75 Ex. GST
Fishing line
From $5.67 $5.15 Ex. GST
Adhesive magnets
$15.57 $14.15 Ex. GST
Textsurfer® classic highlighters - wallet of 6 assorted colours
$16.39 $14.90 Ex. GST
Paper magiclay neon colours
$23.65 $21.50 Ex. GST
Basics triangular colour pencils 24's
$12.32 $11.20 Ex. GST
Double sided tape
$11.28 $10.25 Ex. GST
Paper magiclay 240g white - canister
$23.60 $21.45 Ex. GST
Noris® triangular fibre-tip pens broad assorted wallet of 12
$14.36 $13.05 Ex. GST
Modelling cutting wheels
$16.89 $15.35 Ex. GST
Scratch adhesive letters & numbers
$35.97 $32.70 Ex. GST
Conductive copper adhesive tape
$9.02 $8.20 Ex. GST

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