Writing with Magnetic Script Letters & Convention Cards

Learning how to write is one of the most important stages of any child’s educational journey. It helps them to express themselves, organise their ideas, experiment with creativity, and better understand the world around them. It has even been proved that learning to write also helps children grow into better readers! read more...

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Writing with Magnetic Script Letters & Convention Cards

Rainbow Phonics Magnetic Letters
Available soon
Available soon Rainbow phonics magnetic letters
$43.95 $39.95 Ex. GST
Magnetic script letters: tas style
$22.99 $29.80 $20.90 Ex. GST

With writing resources like magnetic script letters and handwriting convention cards, children can learn through fun and engaging experiences. From exploring rich illustrations to rearranging magnetic letters to create words, writing will become a beloved part of their day.

Enhance your students’ learning with stimulating items from our Elizabeth Richards collection. For more information on our incredible literacy resources, contact our team today.

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