The Elizabeth Richards Whiteboard Collection

The Best Value and Quality Whiteboards in Australia! Our porcelain whiteboards come with a lifetime surface warranty and are designed to withstand everything a classroom or office environment can throw at them! Quick and easy to clean, our premium whiteboard surface gives you a clear and smooth writing surface time after time... no shadowing or staining! Purposely designed to be strong, durable and yet lightweight for ease of use, you are sure to find an Elizabeth Richards whiteboard for any situation within our wide range of fixed and mobile whiteboards below. See below how our prices compare to the competition - offering you up to 50% unbeatable savings on selected durable whiteboards that will excel through years of heavy usage!  Now, you need to know that the table to the left (which we have put together to save you time - you're welcome!) compares only prices on Porcelain Surface Whiteboards. You may come across cheaper whiteboards out there with surfaces called "commercial" "acrylic" or "high gloss"  - but we guarantee that they will not be comparable to quality Porcelain Whiteboards.  Still not convinced? If you would like to find out more about how an Elizabeth Richards will save you time, effort, money and MARGARINE, click here. Convinced? Browse our beautiful and extensive range of quality Porcelain Surface whiteboards below. We guarantee you won't regret it.  read more...

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Literacy centre
$769.95 $699.95 Ex. GST
Big book teaching centre
$989.95 $899.95 Ex. GST

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Big Book Whiteboard Easel
Available soon
Available soon Big book whiteboard easel
$483.95 $439.95 Ex. GST

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Wall mounted porcelain whiteboards
From $65.56 $199.95 $59.60 Ex. GST

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