Magnetic Sheets

Brighten your classroom with these unique & decorative magnetic sheets! Each sheet includes a collection of eye-catching magnetic die-cut icons that can be easily popped out and used on your classroom whiteboard or by students on individual whiteboards.  The Elizabeth Richards collection of magnetic sheets will support teaching and learning across the curriculum, they're also perfect for student rewards. read more...

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Magnetic Sheets

1-120 magnetic sheet set
$83.55 $75.95 Ex. GST

Our Elizabeth Richards range provides children with untold opportunities for learning. From clock faces to number grids, these colourful resources are perfect for use on any whiteboard or metal surface.

Children can experiment and learn by writing and drawing on these designs with dry erase markers, as the sheets adapt to every ability level and educational need.

Learn more about how our products can make learning fun by contacting us at Elizabeth Richards and shopping online today!

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