Magnetic Border Trim

Decorate your classroom with our range of magnetic borders. Available in a wide variety of patterns and colours that will coordinate with any classroom decor. Use magnetic borders to divide your whiteboard into key sections to help plan your daily lessons. Your students will love the eye-catching patterns and designs on the Elizabeth Richards collection of Magnetic Borders. read more...

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Magnetic Border Trim

Lime green magnetic border
$8.03 $14.60 $7.30 Ex. GST
Solid red magnetic border
$8.03 $14.60 $7.30 Ex. GST
Choc chevron big mag border
$10.23 $18.65 $9.30 Ex. GST
Chevron black scallop border
$8.03 $14.60 $7.30 Ex. GST
Bw dots mini magi magnetic
$6.38 $14.60 $5.80 Ex. GST
Choc dots magi strip magnetic
$6.16 $14.00 $5.60 Ex. GST

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