Whiteboard Dividers

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Mobile porcelain whiteboards
$1,023.99 $930.90 Ex. GST
Four term planner - porcelain surface
From $675.18 $613.80 Ex. GST
Big Book Whiteboard Easel
Available soon Wishlist
Available soon Big book whiteboard easel
$471.24 $428.40 Ex. GST

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Acoustic fabric peel 'n' stick tiles - 6 pack
$326.15 $259.09 $296.50 Ex. GST
The great divide modular screen system
From $906.40 $824.00 Ex. GST
Mobile pivoting frame music boards
From $890.73 $809.75 Ex. GST
Music boards 2400 x 1200mm
$676.50 $615.00 Ex. GST
Literacy centre
$772.86 $702.60 Ex. GST
Big book teaching centre
$988.90 $899.00 Ex. GST

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Wall mounted porcelain whiteboards
From $131.18 $119.25 Ex. GST
Smaller framed pinboard - vertiface velour
From $225.50 $205.00 Ex. GST
Framed pinboard - vertiface velour, 120cm high
From $343.92 $312.65 Ex. GST
Smaller lightweight display divider - 90cm wide
From $518.65 $471.50 Ex. GST
Larger lightweight display divider - 120cm -180cm wide
From $614.52 $558.65 Ex. GST
Smaller mobile lightweight screen - 90cm wide
From $586.30 $533.00 Ex. GST
Larger mobile lightweight screen - 120cm - 180cm wide
From $653.95 $594.50 Ex. GST
Mobile glass whiteboard
$281.49 $255.90 Ex. GST
Dry erase flip top student table
$404.58 $367.80 Ex. GST
Slant Board
Available soon
Available soon Slant board
$43.99 $39.99 Ex. GST

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