Book Display Racks

Explore our diverse collection of book display racks and stands for your primary and early childhood classrooms. Encourage independent exploration and the early development of a love of literacy with our accessible book stands, book holder shelf, and book display options. read more...

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Book Display Racks

Book Bracket
Best Seller
Book bracket
$10.95 $9.95 Ex. GST
8 Level Book Rack
Exclusive 8 level book rack
$137.45 $124.95 Ex. GST
Back To Back Stand
Exclusive Back to back stand
$527.95 $479.95 Ex. GST
Big Book Floor Bin
Exclusive Big book floor bin
$109.95 $99.95 Ex. GST
Class Library Stand
Exclusive Class library stand
$307.95 $279.95 Ex. GST
Carousel stand medium
$505.95 $459.95 Ex. GST
Big book whiteboard easel
$483.95 $439.95 Ex. GST

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Versatile Book Display
Exclusive Versatile book display
$252.95 $229.95 Ex. GST
Big Book Multistore
Exclusive Big book multistore
$417.95 $379.95 Ex. GST
Tri Stand
Exclusive Tri stand
$384.95 $349.95 Ex. GST

Customer Reviews

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Tri Stand Half
Exclusive Tri stand half
$296.95 $269.95 Ex. GST
Double Sided Book Display
Exclusive Double sided book display
$439.95 $399.95 Ex. GST
Big Book Easel
Exclusive Big book easel
$131.95 $119.95 Ex. GST

Ideal for every purpose, from 'big book' reading to independent play, our sturdy book racks are a wonderful addition to any flexible classroom scenario.

Enhance the way children interact with their books as they learn to read by offering a visually appealing, durable element to your classroom. With a variety of shapes and sizes available, you can display a variety of books and resources to excite and entice these early readers.

Learn More About Our Book Stands & Holder Shelf Options

Browse our collections online at Elizabeth Richards and enjoy these neat, space-saving storage solutions that celebrate the joys of reading, all while maintaining a neat and orderly classroom environment.

To learn more about our range of book display racks, stands and holder shelf options, contact our team today.

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