Whiteboard Magnets

Whiteboards are an essential learning tool in any classroom, so why not ensure that this must-have resource is the highest quality and can be used for all classroom activities? Investing in whiteboard magnets from Elizabeth Richards will revolutionise how you use your whiteboard, from holding notes, signs and posters to integrating into your classroom management. read more...

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Whiteboard Magnets

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Whiteboard Magnets & School Supplies from Elizabeth Richards

A whiteboard magnet may seem like a basic classroom resource, but thanks to our diverse collection at Elizabeth Richards, you will discover a range of high-quality magnetic accessories to enhance any learning space. 

Proudly Australian-owned with over 35 years of experience, we continue to provide schools and families across the country with unique resources, building an unmatched reputation for excellence. Browse our range of sensory products, school supplies and educational resources today to discover what makes us a cut above the rest. 

Why Choose Whiteboard Magnets?

It is often said that an environment can act as the third teacher. A classroom, for example, can be functional, as well as hold elements that reflect the different learning journeys taking place each day. Furnishing your space with the best educational resources and classroom essentials will help provide your students with the tools they need to achieve learning their learning outcomes. 

School and classroom supplies like magnetic whiteboard accessories are a flexible, versatile resource. They enhance an educator’s ability to deliver instructions and convey information differently, keeping learning experiences fresh and exciting. A whiteboard magnet can contribute significantly to any lesson, from providing a focal point on a magnetic surface to presenting opportunities for differentiation and targeted teaching strategies across all learning areas. 

Get Creative with a Whiteboard Magnet from Our Collection

Preparing flexible learning environment is crucial to providing an inclusive, accessible space to help students learn. Browse our range of whiteboard magnets today and discover how you can support your students with our wider online selection available at Elizabeth Richards

For help finding the right products to elevate the learning experience in your classroom, please contact us at sales@elizabethrichards.com.au to learn more about our collections.

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