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We are proud to introduce the third design in our Indigenous Book Box Range! Sold in a Pack of 5.

DJ Mate’s latest artwork takes us on a journey through the milestones of our lives from a perspective unique to the traditional custodians of this land.

Beginning on the left side of the box, the essence of Aboriginal culture is “oneness with nature”, connection to country. The land and the people are one, it is believed that we emerged from natural land features. The land of your birth is a fundamental part of your identity.

We next see an extended family on the hill. Family or kinship is at the heart of indigenous society, there is great security having such a wide support network. Older family members pass on the traditions. 

Ceremonies also mark the rite of passage from childhood to adulthood and for some boys around 13 they may experience walkabout. We see the boy leaving his extended family to live alone in the bush for six months, he is well prepared in how to build shelter and catching food. Girls were also prepared for adulthood by learning about the culinary and medicinal knowledge of plants and roots and how to track small animals.  Both also learn to use and make traditional tools, boomerangs, spears, baskets sewn from bulrushes. 

Next we see a Corroboree, this celebrates the Dreamtime through dance, music and costume. Used both for ritual purposes and to convey history.

Another beautiful ritual is the smoking ceremony, an ancient custom burning various native plants to produce smoke.  A gesture of goodwill, bringing people together, a blessing of healing and peace. 

High on the hill we see beautiful interlocking rings which represent marriage and union with the land.  The fine yellow dots across the box represent the constant connection with and learning about the Dreamtime. 

At the end of the journey it is believed we return to the land and become part of the eternal stream of life and the Dreaming.

Sold as a pack of 5 only

Box dimensions: 17cm wide x 25cm deep x 28cm high (back), 17cm high (front)

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Celebrations Indigenous Book Box - Pack of 5