Why You Won't Need Margarine If You Have a Porcelain Whiteboard

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Why You Won't Need Margarine if You Have a Porcelain Whiteboard

Q: What do whiteboards, margarine, coffee grounds and hair spray have in common?

A: Believe it or not - if you Google ways to clean a stained whiteboard you will pretty quickly come across articles like this one on WikiHow that feature tips on how to clean your stained whiteboard with margarine, coffee grounds and hairspray... amongst other seemingly random techniques and tips.

Here at Elizabeth Richards, we know that there is an EASIER WAY, a proven step that you can take that is GUARANTEED to give you a whiteboard that works as hard as you do - erasing clear and clean time and time again....

Start with the right surface and save yourself a lot of money, time and effort!

What are the Different Surface Options?

There are many different surfaces used to make whiteboards. One of the most common surfaces you will see advertised is Commercial Surface which sounds industrial and durable, but sadly only comes with a 5yr surface warranty at best and in reality is very prone to staining and difficult to keep clean.

Elizabeth Richards whiteboards have a porcelain surface that comes with a lifetime surface guarantee .

Is Porcelain Worth the Higher Price?

You tell me. How much does the thought of maintaining, cleaning and resurfacing a cheaper whiteboard appeal to you?

Do you have the time and the inclination to patiently massage margarine into your whiteboard in order to clean it? (As one online article suggested.)

And furthermore - do you have the time and inclination to repeat this process again and again as needed?

With an Elizabeth Richards Porcelain Whiteboard you can feel free to forget about your whiteboard! Go ahead - take one more thing off your to-do list.

The amazing Porcelain surface does not absorb ink and wipes clean every time!

Get on with the more important things in life with the confidence of knowing your whiteboard is able to work as hard as you do with a clear and durable surface that cleans easily for a fresh writing surface time and time again!

The best Price on Porcelain Whiteboards

Not only do we have the best whiteboards - we have the best prices!

Our whiteboards make your life easier and so will this handy price comparison table so you can easily see how our whiteboard prices stack up against the competitors... you can thank me later.

View our full range of easy-care durable porcelain whiteboards HERE.

Wacky Cleaning Tips for Cheaper Whiteboards:

Just in case I haven't quite managed to convince you that an Elizabeth Richards whiteboard is the whiteboard you need and the whiteboard you deserve... here are some truly committed cleaning tips we've found for those dedicated to their cheaper whiteboards:

Hair Spray and Baby Oil: If you have a spare hour or so up your sleeve (Depending on the size of your whiteboard.) this website recommends cleaning your entire whiteboard with hairspray. (Be careful not to let the hairspray dry before you wipe it off) Once you have finished this step, you should invest a little extra time to then rub the entire surface of the whiteboard with mineral or baby oil to "condition it" and attempt to prevent more staining in future.

Repeat the above steps as needed.


  1. If it works - you get a cleaner whiteboard.
  2. Upper body workout. 
  3. Your classroom or office will now smell like babies.

Coffee Grounds: Most of us love coffee, and I think its fair to say that most teachers would consider coffee to be an essential food group... So there's a fair chance you may have some coffee grinds available to you. 

If not - never fear, you can go to your local cafe or Gloria Jeans and ask them if they will give you their old grounds.

Once you have the coffee grounds you need, place a drop sheet under your whiteboard, change into some clothes you don't mind getting dirty and go to town scrubbing the entire surface of your whiteboard with the grinds. Take a little break once you're done, catch your breath and rest your arms from all that rigorous scrubbing. The perfect time for a cup of coffee! 

Finally, once you are rested, you should carefully wipe off all the brown coffee grind residue and theoretically you should have a cleaner whiteboard.


  1. If it works - you might have a cleaner whiteboard.
  2. Upper body workout.
  3. Your classroom or office will now smell like Gloria Jeans.

Repeat the above steps as needed.

Margarine: Raid the teachers lounge or office kitchen - chances are one of your colleagues has conveniently left a tub of margarine in the fridge. If not, remember to bring in a tub from home.

Smear on margarine. Massage the margarine into the stain and you will notice that the margarine will slowly change to the color of the stain; indicating that it is starting to work. Massage the margarine, walk away, repeat. Wipe the margarine away with paper towel. Try your board with a dry marker. If it wipes clean; you are good to go.

  • If the stain is years old, put some plastic wrap over it and wait 24 hours.


  1. If it works - you might have a cleaner whiteboard.
  2. Upper body workout. 
  3. Your classroom or office will now smell like a fairy bread production line.

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