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Cool, getting warmer… the season of Ngoonumgi, Murrai’yunggory

Our respect extends to the Dharawal People and we acknowledge this is their story as painted by Danielle Mate Sullivan. Danielle was inspired by the traditional stories as compiled by Frances Bodkin, in her book ‘The Annual Cycle – The Season of Ngoonungi’. If we look and listen, the Land will tell us what Season it is. Can you read the signs as the Dharawal People do?

The story progresses round the box as the weather changes from cool to warm. Start your journey as the Ngoonumgi, Grey-Headed Flying Fox, gather in vast numbers as the sun sinks below the horizon.The tree of the Peacemaker, Boonah, flowers. The refreshing nectar from the flowers is used in ceremonies of peace – wherever the Boonah grows there is the experience of peace and calmness.The sound of the Gugagara (Kookaburra) can be heard throughout the bushland as they challenge each other over territory.

Then we follow the possum footprints to the front panel of the box as the snarling, growling sounds of their nocturnal battles can be heard.

The flowering buds of the Waratah paint the landscape with splashes of brilliant red. The nectar is gathered and this gift is given to young babies who are unwell.As we move to the right hand panel gentle rains are falling. Restrictions on eating shellfish, prawns, crabs, yabbies’ and lobsters are lifted and feasting on the beaches occurs.

The clans gather to celebrate the time of plenty with ceremonies.

About the Artist:

Danielle Mate Sullivan is an award-winning contemporary Aboriginal artist who acknowledges her culture through the Kunja peoples of the Cunnamulla region of South-West Queensland. The significant centerpiece in all of her work is her loving family. Danielle’s art is all about where she is from, where she has been and where she is at in her current belonging.

Danielle has her artwork in collections throughout the world, most notably in the private collection of President Obama at The White House. Danielle also delivers workshops and painting classes to schools in her local area.

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