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Whether the weather is awful and grey, it doesn t matter when you have somewhere indoors to play!

Safe and sturdy to endure even the most rugged play, you can now turn any space into a therapeutic playground with the Indoor Therapy Playground kit even when space is in short supply, therapeutic swinging and play is now both possible and affordable - all you need is a doorframe!

  • The Indoor Support Bar is the centrepiece to the entire Indoor Playground. All attachments require the Support Bar, which allows for a wide range of uses and accommodates any standard doorway from 74cm to 90cm in width. Installation is quick and easy, requiring just a few seconds to twist the Support Bar into place. No need to uninstall at the end of the day, as the Indoor Support Bar does not impede the function of the door.
  • Indoor Strap Swing - While a child is swinging they are working over 20 muscle groups. Swinging provides vestibular input and helps the child gain balance, develop coordination and hand-eye control. Designed for children ages 3 to 10, this rugged canvas swing will take in excess of 45kg and is designed to hold and conform to your child's body to offer a better sense of security.
  • The Net Swing brings the outdoor hammock inside and out of the rain! It has unique qualities which allow the net to stretch to fit any child and can be used in a prone or sitting position, cradles and puts pressure on the child's sides so they feel safe and secure, gives total body support and even pressure.

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