Coyote Kokiriko
Coyote Kokiriko

Coyote kokiriko

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The Kokiriko or Binsasara is a wonderful percussion instrument hand crafted from wood.

Its many plates click together when played to create a crisp, cascading sound like dominoes falling.

The Kokiriko originated in Japan as a sound effect instrument used in dance. It produces a rattling effect which can be an almost silent rustling to an extremely loud chatter.

The Coyote percussion range was created to capture the hearts|,and minds of students in their journey of music discovery.

All items have been made to meet and exceed Australian quality standards.

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1. $5.50 (inc GST) flat fee on every order except on,

2. Selected furniture items to non-metro locations. These will attract a $82.50 (inc GST) one time shipping charge. If there is more than one furniture item only one shipping charge will apply.

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