Bright Slicks by Zart 6's
Bright Slicks by Zart 6's
Bright Slicks by Zart 6's
Bright slicks by zart 6's
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Bright Slicks – a colourful, clean and convenient way to paint and draw! The no mess and no fuss drawing applicator makes them perfect for at home students and artist of all ages, as well as in the classroom and art room. Slicks are a solid paint stick in a twist up applicator and best of all they require no sharpening. So smooth and rich, the colours glide on like lipstick – which will be fun for all ages. Colours will work on a variety surfaces including paper and card. These bright colours also work on darker coloured papers. To increase intensity, combine with Metallic Paint Slicks and watch them pop.

For a fun activity at home draw directly on a glass window and be amazed as the light shines through and illuminates your work. Because Slicks are non-permanent on glass you can easily remove them with some water and a sponge.

Six colours in this pack include Shimmer Blue, Shimmer Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, and Neon Green.

Slick size: 88mm long x 15mm diameter. 10 grams per Slick stick.


Slicks can be used on a variety of surfaces


Paper: Paint in a stick, draws on wet and dries without smudging.


Wood: Wooden surfaces.


Fabric: Slicks are a non-permanent textile and fabric decoration.


Dark surfaces: White and metallic Slicks work effectively on brown kraft card, black and dark backgrounds.


Canvas: Slicks are a portable paint solution!


Magiclay: Use Slicks to colour dried Magiclay models.


Polystyrene: Colour polystyrene with ease!



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