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Job Opportunity - Product Manager - 3 days a week

The Product Manager role is to be a product expert for all things related to Elizabeth Richards products.  The successful candidate profile ideally will be someone who has at least 5 years primary school classroom teaching experience and has recently (in the last 5 years) left the profession. 

They will possess strong numeracy and communication skills. They will be expected to draw on their qualifications and experience to provide input for product design, description and advertising copy as well as ensuring our product range fits the current curriculum. 

The role will vary with the seasonal nature of the business and can be broadly split into two areas. New products in preparation for catalogue releases and in between the more regular work with existing products:

New Products

As new products are identified it is their role is to pull together the variety of components needed to bring the product to market. 

These items might include but are not limited to:

  • Images for use in catalogue and on website
  • Product specifications sheet 
  • Details of purchase price and supplier requirements 
  • Price comparisons with competitors
  • Bar coding requirements
  • Training staff on the detail and use of the product
Existing Products

  • Systematic review of sales per product
  • Systematic comparison of competitor prices 
  • Identifying and investigating competitors new products
  • Systematic evaluation of the contemporary nature of existing products 
  • The role will also likely involve identifying jointly and alone new products and variations to existing products

 A typical week might be:


Contact new suppliers to obtain catalogue grade images and where not available list product for a photo shoot. 

Compile a specification sheet for the new products involving material, sizes, colours, weights, minimum order quantities etc.

Check competitors equivalent products to assist in the setting of a rrp. 

Present potential new products to our focus groups of teachers. 


Identify poor selling products and compare to competitors to identify road blocks to sales. 

"Launch" new products to staff. This may involve written communication and more detailed information to sales staff. i.e. telephone hook up through the National Sales Manager with reps discussing how product will be used in the classroom and assisting Digital Marketing with framing description for website and catalogue. 


Look for new products that have come about through suggestions from focus groups, sales and customer service staff. 

The role will be three days per week, based in our office (@Kings Park) for the first three months. The opportunity to work from home may be possible after the 3 month period assuming a practical environment is available. 

Please send your resume and covering letter to