Do you have a bright idea for a product?


Perhaps we can help make it a commercial reality!

For over 28 years we've been turning our bright ideas into products that teachers love to use and if you have a bright idea we would like to hear about it. We would sign a confidentiality agreement of course to make sure your idea is completely protected but before we get to that stage tell us how far along with it you are?

  • Idea in my head
  • Have mapped it out/designed it
  • Have made a prototype
  • Have tested the prototype with friends/ colleagues
  • Ready to begin production just need funding
  • Have it in the market now but need a distributor

Send an email to with the subject line "My Bright Idea", note which stage you are at from the above selection, provide a brief written overview, your contact details and we will set up a time for a discussion.


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