Poster Holder
Poster holder
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Are you passionate about posters? Be the poster-child for organisation with an Elizabeth Richards Poster Holder!

Featuring lockable castors and a strong, powder-coated frame plus 30 durable poster sleeves you can now safely take your poster collection (Or any similar big resource) to the next level, the next classroom or simply the other side of the room anywhere your fancy takes you.

With 30 sleeves included, you can instantly store up to 60 posters within this streamlined unit two posters per sleeve, back-to-back for instant and easier display.

The Poster Holder frame will accommodate up to 50 sleeves - amazing capacity to store more than 100 posters safely free from damage and dust!

The sleeves measure 75.5cm high x 105 cm wide and are constructed from heavy duty plastic with a stiff card insert. Extra sleeves available for purchase separately.

65cm high x 112cm wide x 70cm deep

Assembly Instructions are available for download here.


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